Managing your influencers has never been easier!

Bring together the social networks of your tribe of influencers, never miss any of their publications, compare their social performances, analyse the evolution curves (KPI) of their networks, publish summary reports and make the right decisions.

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Simple and powerful, YouTribe is the tool dedicated to analysing the social performance of your tribe

Centralise your influencers

Gather all your ambassadors and their social networks in a single synthetic dashboard in which all the data refreshes in real time.

“All in one” news feed

All of your influencers’ words are automatically aggregated in the same place in chronological order. This feed is filterable by network with the possibility of viewing the publications without leaving the interface.

A dynamic and configurable ranking system

This leaderboard allows you to compare the social performances of all the members of your tribe on the basis of the 3 major KPI’s:

          + Community size

          + Engagement of followers

          + Influencer activity

The social CV of your influencers

Personalize your analysis by consulting the progression curves of your ambassadors by social network, by KPI’s and over the period of your choice.

Customizable automatic reports

Choose one or more influencers, the period, the networks and the KPI’s that interest you and edit your tailored report.

The essential tool to manage your influencers!


With YouTribe, managing and understanding the social performance of your influencer / ambassador tribe has never been so intuitive

Data transparency

Help with decision-making


Time saving

Accessible rates


Data security

Recruitment of influencers

Dedicated support

We love you!

They didn’t find anything simpler


YouTribe is the tool that allows me to work together with all my athletes! It’s a real pleasure to use such a simple tool!


With YouTribe, it’s 1/4 of my day that I save. No need to navigate between the social networks of my influencers!


A few screenshots and there you go, the social media report is ready! Thank you YouTribe for all this data and especially this simplicity!