can be tailored to your needs for influence

Choose the plan that best suits your analysis and comparison needs. At any time you can adapt your needs by upgrading your subscription.

Payment frequency

for any annual payment, we offer you 2 months of use

We also offer the implementation of tailor-made plans based on your needs.
For more information, please contact Mathieu at or 06 37 64 64 47 19.

Frequently Ask Questions 

Easier than smoke signals, we answer the most common questions.

How to get started on

You can click on “subscribe” on the plan that suits you best and follow the configuration assistant. If you need help you can contact the support at 06 37 64 64 47 19.

How do I configure my account?

As an influencer: After completing your Indian form, you just have to connect your social networks and enjoy using the different graphs.

 As a brand: After completing your tribal chief profile, connect your social networks and send invitations to your Indians. Once they have accepted, you can ranking, comparing them or even putting them in competition with each other.

(PS. The connection with Facebook is made with a page and not with your personal profile)

Can I use for free?

We provide a small plan limited to 5 influencers. This allows you to test the solution and understand how the platform works.

About the GDPR

We agree with the four main principles of the GDPR: consent, transparency, individual rights and accountability.We only collect the data to which you give us access by your consent, this is not for commercial purposes but for analysis.

Can I stop my subscription at any time?

Of course! You can unsubscribe without delay and at no extra cost.

Any other questions?

The Indians of

“ allows me to consult in a few clicks the evolutions of my social networks but also to quickly check the engagement of the athletes on a daily basis. A real time saver! »


Projet Manager, Riders Match

“ allows me to analyze all of my social networks in a few clicks. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube are entirely configurable to get only the data that interests me!  »

Laurent Roudneff

paraglider, Team Riders Match allows you to centralize and classify easily  the contributors in your network of influence in order to optimize your social marketing.

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